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Newt Gingrich “CNN LESS BIASED THAN FOX NEWS”….uh Ya Think?


2012 Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich ripped Fox News claiming that Rupert Murdoch’s network clearly favored Mitt Romney, adding that CNN was less biased in their GOP primary coverage.

Snoop Dogg Endorses Ron Paul, but do we even care? (w/video)


Surprisingly, Ron Paul has attracted a lot  of the youth vote during this primary season, but I can’t help but wonder why?  Sure he has some interesting ideas, but WTF? people, do we just erase his past because it’s convenient for us to do so now?

 The latest to come to the aid of the Ron Paul Revolution is  Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg or Snoop Doggy Dog, whichever you remember him by.  While Snoop Dogg is not known for Politics, He has jumped into the 2012 fray, merely because Ron Paul supports the legalization of marijuana, simple as that.  Being a fan of Snoop’s, I almost understand the reasoning, but not quite……..

But let’s not forget Ron Paul wants to roll back the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and wants to make America a land seemingly for only Rich,White Gun Owners and Property Owners.  Let’s not forget his allegiance to the John Birch Society and other nefarious supremacist organizations. I don’t see how any African American could support, much less endorse Ron Paul, with a straight face,  just knowing these tidbits of information. In fact, when you dig deeper on Dr. Paul, it gets much worse, not better.  

Ron Paul,  after a few unsuccessful Presidential runs…. we know this guy, the question is, why are so many people ignoring what we already know? Are we really that desperate for change at any cost?

Mediaite reports:

Snoop Dogg — the undisputed voice of the people — has voiced his support for a GOP candidate. On Sunday, the rapper and actor posted an image of Ron Paul to Facebook, accompanied by the gentle suggestion to “Smoke Weed Everyday.” Snoop captioned the image with a simple “because I said so.”
“He’s always high,” responded one commenter. “That’s why he makes so much sense.”
“Substance,” replied another. “What Ron Paul speaks and Snoop Dog smokes!!! Ron Paul/Snoop Dog in 2012!”

Ohhh Brutha!

Prank Caller to C-SPAN “Does Mitt Romney Have A Big Penis? “


Live TV is never an easy thing especially when the pranksters have it in them to get you….  This is  probably the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Via Neuroticy.com……..

The true hazards of running live broadcasts including viewer participation were on full display this week, with multiple calls into C-SPAN leading to awkward questions about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s penis.

All of the calls came during episodes of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” a long-running program that prides itself on encouraging viewers from across the political spectrum to call in and voice their opinions.

In the first segment, a man calls in to ask Judd Gregg, a Mitt Romney surrogate and former New Hampshire governor and senator, about how big of a lead Romney will need to secure the nomination. He then throws a curveball, asking Gregg about the size of Romney’s penis. C-SPAN quickly cuts the caller off, and apologizes to Gregg.

James O’ Keefe Finally getting what he deserves! (Updated!)




James O’Keefe‘s newest “Acorn Style” sting operation has backfired!  The Right-Wing Extremist so-called filmmaker in an attempt to feature reasons why Voter ID laws should be upheld, and to demonstrate voter fraud, has himself, committed multiple felony offenses during this undercover operation, and is now being investigated by New Hampshire’s Attorney General.  Maybe James O’Keefe should consider that it’s not so much that it voter fraud in America, but just a charming young white male nefarious filmmaker who is skilled at lying, that is able to dissuade so many people.

UPDATE: TPM Muckraker digs deeper and finds new details to this story…

Read More about that below!

The Project Veritas Edited version…

The Project Veritas UnCut/UnEdited version…

James O’Keefe is guilty of Identity Fraud as well!

Ryan J. Kelley of TPM Muckraker writes…

Robert William Beaulieu is 23-years-old, lives in Nashua, New Hampshire, and is a registered Democrat. He’s also very much not dead.

But you wouldn’t have known that if you watched the lastest undercover sting video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, which featured a man with an Irish accent attempting to obtain a ballot on behalf of a Robert Beaulieu who lives on Cassandra Lane.

That’s the home University of New Hampshire graduate Robert W. Beaulieu, pictured above, shares with his parents. Robert P. Beaulieu, unrelated, died a few months back at the age of 84, and is apparently the man Project Vertitas’ investigator intended to impersonate. By all appearances, they got the wrong guy.

“I found out they were actually talking about me and not the man who passed away in October,” Robert W. Beaulieu told TPM. “The funny thing is, if they’d done any research, they would have found out the guy’s middle name is Paul and the guy specifically goes looking for William.”

“There’s four of us, everyone is alive,” joked Beaulieu’s brother Timothy William Beaulieu, who first noticed that his brother’s name and address being used by a man with an Irish accent during a segment on Current TV this week.

 Read more at TPM Muckraket here!

Iowa Republican Voter says Republicans will vote for Obama or a 3rd party, if Romney or Gingrich is on the ticket


“If Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney are on the (Republican) ticket, I think we deserve four more years of Barack Obama,” Waterloo, Iowa, resident Paul Smith told The UpTake during Caucus night. Smith, who says he’s been a conservative ever since voting for Jimmy Carter in 1976, supported Rick Santorum on Tuesday night. He takes offense to wealthy elitists like Romney coming into Iowa and donning blue jeans and a flannel shirt to pretend he’s a farmer. “He’s not me, he’ll never be me, he doesn’t want to be me,” said Smith. “I don’t want to be him, and I’m tired of him.” If Mitt Romney ultimately wins the Republican nomination, as the former Massachusetts governor is expected to, Smith will consider voting to re-elect Obama, or he’ll vote for a third-party candidate. “You’ve got to be a registered voter to make a contribution and if you’re not a registered voter, get out!” added Smith, who wants to see corporate money out of political elections. “Corporations need to get back to their jobs of doing business and quit buying elections. We all know that if I make million dollar contribution to your campaign, I do so because I expect something in return.” “That’s the part of politics that really has to change.”

Vermin Supreme: When I’m President Everyone Gets A Free Pony


Vermin Supreme At the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum. Forget The Phony, Vote For The Pony.

Full Debate coverage appears here

Rick Santorum:The Flavor of the Month for religious zealots and sellouts


There’s one easy way to explain Rick Santorum‘s crazy rhetoric on health care — he took $3 million from the health care industry when he was in the Senate.

Top Contributors

Senator Rick Santorum

Contributor Total Indivs PACs
Blank Rome LLP $192,950 $180,450 $12,500
Federated Investors Inc $161,065 $153,265 $7,800
K&L Gates $137,954 $98,054 $39,900
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $114,790 $78,131 $36,659
Comcast Corp $95,550 $69,050 $26,500
Exelon Corp $87,700 $75,700 $12,000
Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney $85,134 $50,250 $34,884
CONSOL Energy $84,247 $66,247 $18,000
Marathon Oil $69,777 $39,750 $30,027
Cigna Corp $68,610 $40,110 $28,500
PricewaterhouseCoopers $67,943 $36,450 $31,493
Reed Smith LLP $64,250 $41,400 $22,850
Citigroup Inc $60,090 $38,590 $21,500
UBS AG $58,700 $46,700 $12,000
GlaxoSmithKline $58,650 $19,650 $39,000
Mellon Financial $56,615 $40,350 $16,265
Day & Zimmerman $56,400 $43,900 $12,500
PPL Corp $55,100 $38,700 $16,400
WPP Group $54,850 $48,350 $6,500
Sunoco Inc $53,800 $38,800 $15,000
This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 1989 – 2012 election cycle. The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations’ PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.
source: OpenSecrets.org

Has Obama beaten Republicans at their own game?


An analysis of President Obama‘s administration shows his keen ability to outsmart the Republican Party, not by design, but rather by circumstance.

The Young Turks writes……..

Cenk asks his Power Panel whether Obama has beaten Republicans at their own game by adopting many of their policies. Adam Green, of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, says, “[Obama] could have ad an era of accountability with Wall Street bankers in jail and, frankly, some Bush administration officials in jail…but unfortunately he settled.”

Because You needed a good laugh:Herman Cain’s Extremely Simplistic Foreign Policy Map


This post is because I knew that you all needed a good laugh today!  Herman Cain posted a map on his website that outlines his foreign policy.




Mexico is a friend in need. Our southern neighbor is struggling with drug-related violence that has claimed an estimated 40,000 lives over the past several years.  By standing with Mexico now to help it solve its increasingly severe economic and security problems, we will help solve the problem of illegal immigration at home. Some 40% of Mexicans believe Mexico is a failed state. This helps explain why so many are seeking to emigrate.  With declining oil reserves, a looming water shortage in Mexico City, and youth demographic bulge in Mexico’s poorest regions, our neighbor south of the border has the hallmarks of impending disaster.  Mr. Cain believes that “Security begins at home” – and this includes a stable North America. A sound U.S. dollar and strong U.S. economic growth are the most important contributions that our nation can make to Mexican stability and prosperity.



Canada is our nation’s closest friend and ally. We share the world’s longest undefended border and we have common cultural roots.  We have stood together during both World Wars and in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has watched over our collective skies for over 50 years. Canada is our top trading partner, and our most important source of oil to supplement our own production.  The Obama administration’s failure to move forward with the Keystone XL Pipeline from Alberta to U.S. refineries will force Canada to seek other markets – namely China – and will degrade continental energy security.  As is the case regarding Mexico, Mr. Cain believes that “Security begins at home” – and that the Keystone XL pipeline debacle is no way to treat a friend.


Under dictator Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has forged a troubling alliance with Iran that includes joint uranium projects and support for terrorists such as Hezbollah. Under Chavez, Venezuela has replaced Colombia as the major source of illicit drugs flowing into the United States. Chavez has also promoted Cuba’s Castro-regime-inspired anti-U.S. message throughout Latin America, helping like-minded governments take power in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and beyond. Mr. Cain believes that our nation should help democratic opponents of Chavez as they challenge him at the polls, while taking defensive measures against possible Iranian-backed adventurism in our hemisphere.


Brazil is regional leader in South America and a growing economic power. Brazil and the U.S. share a longstanding friendship with increasing trade.  Brazil is already Latin America’s largest economy, and the International Monetary Fund predicts that it will surpass France, Italy and the U.K. by 2020.     Mr. Cain believes that the U.S. should look for ways to strengthen economic ties with Brazil and thereby promote hemispheric security.   Europe



Mr. Cain will restore our special relationship with Great Britain – our closest ally for nearly two centuries.  In noticeable decline under President Obama, the Cain Administration will turn the relationship around so that our two nations start working as a team once again.   America and Britain have stood together in both World Wars, and most recently Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Our military alliance and economic ties remain crucial to world stability.


One of our closest friends and allies, Germany is a key figure in Europe’s economy.  It has risen to the daunting challenge of keeping the euro afloat in troubled financial times – no small feat – and is committed to maintaining robust economic ties with the U.S.A. With over 50,000 troops based in Germany, the U.S. military has operated its logistics hubs for Afghanistan and Iraq there effectively and efficiently. A Cain administration will work to maintain these deep ties.


Though we share strategic interests – from battling Islamic extremists and homegrown terrorists to space exploration programs – there are a number of issues that still divide our nation and Russia. Russia’s insistence on the New START Treaty has put the U.S.A. at a distinct disadvantage, not only relative to Russia, but also to the world’s other nuclear powers.  Russia’s lack of clarity on Iran’s nuclear program is also troubling. Though it is just a pale shadow of the former Soviet Union, Russia’s energy-as-a-weapon policy with the Ukraine and Belarus, not to mention its invasion of Georgia shows that Russia is not shy about flexing its geopolitical muscles.



As President, one of Mr. Cain’s top foreign policy priorities will be to stand united with Israel.  He will not allow the Arab Spring to lead to the fall of Israel.    The Obama administration has called upon Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders, which are militarily indefensible. It has also advocated that Israel give up control of its fresh water aquifers. These ill-advised policies have emboldened Israel’s enemies by implying that the United States may not stand with Israel in its hour of need.  Mr. Cain believes the lack of clarity regarding Israel demonstrates weakness and invites conflict.


Unlike President Obama, Mr. Cain will not turn a blind eye toward the Iranian people who are risking their lives in their struggle for freedom and democracy.  The best way to stop Iran’s nuclear program is to achieve regime change by providing meaningful support to the regime’s democratic opposition without delay.   As president, Mr. Cain will boost our sea-based Ballistic Missile Defense capability through doubling the number of Aegis cruisers and destroyers from two dozen to four dozen. Stationed off the coasts of Iran, these ships will deter Iranian adventurism.     While Mr. Cain fully backs stiff economic sanctions against Iran, he realizes that achieving American energy security will drive down oil prices – thus undermining the theocratic regime in Tehran.


Mr. Cain sheds no tears for Colonel Gaddafi, who personally ordered the killing of Americans. However, the White House launched the war in Libya under the Obama Doctrine of the “responsibility to protect.” The question now is: “protect whom?”   The Libyan rebellion-turned-government has been aided by Al Qaeda, and it is dominated by Islamists that have not been friendly to U.S. interests. Also, despite the fact that Libya is more of a vital interest to Europe than it is to America, (Europe buys 90% of Libya’s oil and it would be Europe that would be overwhelmed in any refugee crisis), President Obama spent more than a billion dollars on this adventure and led the initial military action. As president, Mr. Cain will work to bring clarity to the Libyan situation.


Under President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt was a friend. With Mubarak shoved out by Arab Spring protests – with help from President Obama – Egypt could be a nightmare unfolding.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was determined to be a terrorist organization under Mubarak, is poised to pick up a sizable number of seats in Parliamentary elections.  Though in office too long, at least Mubarak maintained peace with Israel, which polls show 90% of Egyptians oppose.  Now we’re seeing the results, with cross-border attacks on Israeli civilians, the ransacking of Israel’s embassy in Cairo, opening up the border to a terrorist organization in Gaza, and open season on Coptic Christians, with churches being burned and mobs on killing sprees.

Egypt is an example of the pressing need for the clarity that Mr. Cain will bring to U.S. foreign policy.


A staunch foe of the U.S. and Israel, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is a state supporter of terrorism through Hezbollah and Hamas.  He has also been a menace to his own people, ruling by martial law and killing 3,000 civilians this year alone.   America should support the Syrian opposition movement while being careful to avoid empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and with a keen eye toward protecting Syria’s significant Christian minority. Additionally, we should work with our allies to isolate Syria economically with sanctions directed toward blocking the regime’s access to international financial markets and investment in its oil and gas industry.


A key U.S. ally in the fight against terrorism, President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been battling Iranian-backed rebels in the north and an Al Qaeda-backed secessionist movement in the south. He has been working closely with U.S. covert operatives to combat Al Qaeda itself. Taking the path of least resistance in the face of Al Qaeda-backed protestors, President Obama has insisted that Saleh step down.    Mr. Cain recognizes this as a flawed policy – one that will strengthen the terrorists.  Instead, we should be working with President Saleh and potential successors to engineer a soft-landing for this pro-U.S. partner.


Mr. Cain does not want the sacrifices of the more than 4,500 Americans who died in Iraq to have been made in vain.  As President Obama completely withdraws our troops from Iraq, there is the danger that the majority Shi’ites will turn the country into a satellite state of Shi’ite dominated Iran.     A long-term limited U.S. presence in Iraq, including military trainers, intelligence agents, and economic development teams, should be maintained in order to prevent Iran from filling the power vacuum.



Any strategy for Pakistan must consider Afghanistan.  The two share a lengthy, mountainous border, tribal ties, and strong cultural and religious bonds.   Over the past decade, the U.S. has spent $20 billion on aid to Pakistan.  Mr. Cain believes that further aid to Pakistan must be conditioned upon results in fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda, not allowing terrorist leaders like Bin Laden to hide in plain sight, and not tipping off militants to coming raids.   Caught in a tough neighborhood between heavyweights India, China, and Russia, Pakistan has developed its security strategy based upon two things: developing nuclear weapons and supporting Islamic terrorist groups. This is a nightmare combination.  Mr. Cain believes that we must continue to engage Pakistan – although we must do so in ways that support U.S. vital interests.


India and the United States share common economic interests, including trade and technology transfers, and we face common threats, including rampant piracy in the Indian Ocean and the rise of Islamic terror groups.     India has fought three wars with neighboring Pakistan since both were granted independence by the U.K. after World War II, and any strategy for India must also consider its long-term rival. Under the Cain administration, the U.S. will strike the right balance in our relations with both of these nuclear powers.


While Mr. Cain is not a fan of “nation building,” the fact is that the U.S. rightly led the charge in toppling the Taliban from power and dismantling Al Qaeda. He would gradually draw down the number of troops in Afghanistan. However, unlike President Obama, he would not send the enemy a press release.     A long term, yet smaller U.S. presence as military trainers, intelligence agents, and economic development teams would be a wise idea to prevent Afghanistan’s collapse after our combat forces leave. A power vacuum that could be filled by the Taliban and would be the target of influence from neighboring Iran is a likely scenario if the Obama administration gets another term and makes good on its promise to withdraw all U.S. troops by 2014.



While China is still currently no match for the U.S. militarily, they are gaining every year. China’s government is also well aware that it was the famous military strategist Sun Tzu, said “attack the enemy at the weakest point.”    Our greatest threat with respect to China is actually at home. If our economy is allowed to continue to stagnate, we would eventually find ourselves unable to afford to stay ahead of China militarily.   China’s disputes with its neighbors over the Spratly Islands have raised alarm bells, as it continues to flex its new military might.    Mr. Cain’s overall strategy for our chief economic competitor is this: Outgrow China. His economic policies will unleash the growth potential of the U.S. economy and transcend the threat from China.


Our economic and security ties to Japan make up the cornerstone of regional stability in East Asia. Tying together two of the world’s largest economies and technologically advanced militaries, our friendship has reassured friends and dissuaded adversaries.     With 35,000 U.S. troops stationed in Japan, and Ballistic Missile Defense technology transfer in the form of 3 Japanese Aegis destroyers, America continues to make a significant investment in Japan and will continue to do so in the Cain administration.     Japan’s looming energy crisis in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster is deeply troubling and it commands our attention with regard to any assistance that we can render.


A reclusive and cult-like regime, North Korea poses the top security threat in Asia.  Its nuclear and missile proliferation makes the world a more dangerous place.  We must stand by South Korea and work with partner nations to contain this regime.   Mr. Cain would boost our sea-based Ballistic Missile Defense capability through doubling the number of Aegis cruisers and destroyers from two dozen to four dozen. These ships can sit off North Korea’s coasts and dissuade North Korea from launching missiles carrying nuclear and electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapons toward cities and U.S. bases in Japan.

Source Herman Cain 2012

Millionaire: It’s a lie to say that raising taxes kills


Chris Wragge talks to millionaire Charlie Fink, a former AOL executive, about his recent visit to Capitol Hill, along with other millionaires, to urge Congress to tax them more.