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What? Me Gay? Well What if I was? – Cory Booker addresses the rumors of his sexuality


“Republican Steve Lonegan, who is running against Cory Booker for Senate in New Jersey, on Tuesday called his rival’s comments about speculation on his sexuality “weird” and said the Newark mayor was “acting ambiguous.”

Booker recently addressed rumors about his sexuality, telling The Washington Post, ‘People who think I’m gay, some part of me thinks it’s wonderful. Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia.'”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.


CPAC Derailed When Conservative Attendee Says Slaves Should Have Been Grateful….WTF?


A panel hosted by “Frederick Douglass Republicans” at CPAC was supposed to be about how Republicans can overcome their issues with race and tolerance spun out of control when an attendee suggested that Douglas should have been grateful to his slave owners “for giving him shelter and food.” Prior to this, another person at the discussion expressed frustration with what he termed the disenfranchisement of “young southern white males.”

During the breakout session called Trump The Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?” which was led by K. Carl Smith, a black conservative activist that committed to the movement full time in 2009, a young man from North Carolina, Scott Terry, asked him about the problems facing white people and segregation.

“It seems to be that you’re reaching out to voters at the expense of young white Southern males,” said Terry, who told the crowd that he had come “to love my people and culture.”

Smith told him that after Douglass became a freeman he wrote a letter to his slavemaster and forgave him.

“For giving him shelter? And food?” Terry muttered, promoting gasping shocks from the crowd.

Terry was accompanied by a man with a Confederate flag, Matthew Heimbach.

Papantonio: GOP Hate Knows No Bounds


After a year of belittling women, African Americans, unions, the elderly, college students, and the poor, it would seem almost impossible for the Republicans to sink any lower. But just two weeks ago, they managed to hit a low that left a lot of card-carrying Republicans with a bad taste in their mouths, when Republican members of Congress actually voted against an international treaty that would have recognized the rights of disabled people. Mike Papantonio talks about the GOP‘s descent to the bottom with Nancy Cohen, author of the book “Delirium.”

Voter photo ID alternative demonstrated


Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie demonstrates an alternative to voter photo ID called photo poll books or electronic poll books.

The advantages over voter photo ID: It would bring ?visual verification? into the polling place without the risk of disenfranchising voters. It would cost about $7 million to $9 million to implement. Last year the estimate to implement a voter photo ID system was about $40 million.

Representative Keith Downey (R- Edina) questions why the Secretary of State is considering such an system before the state has a voter photo ID requirement.

Representative Steve Simon (DFLSt. Louis Park) explains that this is much like our current system, but adds a photo and keeps the burden of identifying people on the government, not the individual

Not So Fast There Mr. Romney! – GOP to Recount Maine primary (w/video)




After thinking he bought himself a comeback win in Maine, Mitt Romney faces another possibility that he actually lost Maine as well.  A Secret recount is in effect by the GOP, but they won’t release the results until 3 weeks from now… WTF?

Jason McClure of Reuters writes……..

 Maine’s Republican Party will recount votes in the state’s Republican caucus following complaints that totals from some towns were not included in state results showing a 194-vote victory for Mitt Romney over Ron Paul.

In addition, Republicans in Maine’s sparsely populated Washington County will hold their caucus on Saturday after an earlier attempt was postponed by a snowstorm.

“We have worked diligently to contact town chairmen throughout Maine to reconfirm the results of their individual caucuses,” Charlie Webster, chairman of the state party, said in a statement.

Webster had been criticized for announcing Romney as the statewide winner on Saturday before votes from all the caucuses had been counted. Fewer than 6,000 people voted in the poll, which is a so-called “beauty contest” that does not bind national delegates to back a particular candidate at the Republican National Convention in August.

A reversal of the initial findings would be a setback for Romney, a former governor of nearby Massachusetts who has been struggling to keep a grip on his front-runner status for the nomination to face Democratic President Barack Obama in the November 6 general election.

It would be the second reversal of a state’s results in the Republican race. Romney was declared the initial winner in Iowa, which kicked off the nominating race, but the final count two weeks later revealed former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum actually had claimed a narrow victory.

Who would the GOP chose if they had a chance to change candidates


Mike Papantonio and Ed Schultz discuss the GOP‘s dissatisfaction with their current crop of presidential candidates — candidates that have already been bought and paid for, so there’s no turning back.

Racial profiling is on the rise in the United States


Four officers in the US state of Connecticut have been charged with using race as the primary reason for alleging that people have committed a crime.