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“The Donald” rears his head and gives his advice to Paul Sr. on America Chopper


Donald Trump seems to be everywhere these days, from Politics, to Sports and now finally he has found his way to one of worlds favorite motorcycle shows, “American Chopper”  As usual, “The Donald” commands attention, and he is not shy of the spotlight.   Paul Sr. is scheduled to appear on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”.  Watch as he gives some fatherly advice to Paul Sr. regarding the bad blood between him and his son’s.


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Snoop Dogg Endorses Ron Paul, but do we even care? (w/video)


Surprisingly, Ron Paul has attracted a lot  of the youth vote during this primary season, but I can’t help but wonder why?  Sure he has some interesting ideas, but WTF? people, do we just erase his past because it’s convenient for us to do so now?

 The latest to come to the aid of the Ron Paul Revolution is  Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg or Snoop Doggy Dog, whichever you remember him by.  While Snoop Dogg is not known for Politics, He has jumped into the 2012 fray, merely because Ron Paul supports the legalization of marijuana, simple as that.  Being a fan of Snoop’s, I almost understand the reasoning, but not quite……..

But let’s not forget Ron Paul wants to roll back the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and wants to make America a land seemingly for only Rich,White Gun Owners and Property Owners.  Let’s not forget his allegiance to the John Birch Society and other nefarious supremacist organizations. I don’t see how any African American could support, much less endorse Ron Paul, with a straight face,  just knowing these tidbits of information. In fact, when you dig deeper on Dr. Paul, it gets much worse, not better.  

Ron Paul,  after a few unsuccessful Presidential runs…. we know this guy, the question is, why are so many people ignoring what we already know? Are we really that desperate for change at any cost?

Mediaite reports:

Snoop Dogg — the undisputed voice of the people — has voiced his support for a GOP candidate. On Sunday, the rapper and actor posted an image of Ron Paul to Facebook, accompanied by the gentle suggestion to “Smoke Weed Everyday.” Snoop captioned the image with a simple “because I said so.”
“He’s always high,” responded one commenter. “That’s why he makes so much sense.”
“Substance,” replied another. “What Ron Paul speaks and Snoop Dog smokes!!! Ron Paul/Snoop Dog in 2012!”

Ohhh Brutha!

Does Ron Paul take his orders from The John Birch Society? -Video Warns of One-World Religion, UN Dictatorship


Ron Paul is beginning  to experience his very own Herman Cain moment.  I say this, not because I am alleging Dr. Paul has had an affair, but he has committed adultery.  Adultery in thought, where as he publicly espouses one view, but the underlying truth is that he believes much differently.  Now there seems to be a deluge of information coming back to haunt Dr. Paul.  Here is just one more thing to consider,  Ron Paul in 1990 John Birch Society Documentary on the United Nations taking over the United States.

Tim Murphy at MotherJones writes……..

Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has run into trouble recently after national media refocused on decades-old racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and deeply conspiratorial articles published under Paul’s name (and at least occasionally under his signature) in late 1980s and early 1990snewsletters.

The Texas congressman, who defended the newsletters when they first became a political issue in 1996, has since disavowed their contents repeatedly. But in a 1998 John Birch Society film unearthed by Andy Kaczynski, Paul endorsed some of the more paranoid ideas outlined in the Ron Paul Survival Report—including the the idea that a United Nations dictatorship was imminent:

Complete Mother Jones article appears here

Ron Paul supports Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Union Busting


This Week in Republican Wisdow….. Ron Paul supports Wisc. Gov. Walker. According to Paul people should have the right to organize just not the right to use the power of their numbers to negotiate. It should be a voluntary contract between big business or government and the workers. And we all know how well big business and government works for worker’s rights.  Union’s are not forced on anyone and in fact, they have been vital to the growth of America, and crucial for worker’s rights.

Ron Paul throws a tantrum and leaves in the middle of a CNN Interview – The Racist Newsletters of his past come back to bite him.


Well, you gotta hand it to CNN.  I think that network has had more people walking out of their interviews than any other news organization (just my opinion of course). The latest victim, was Ron Paul.  Who knew he could even get angry?

Dr. Paul got a little testy when he got reminded of those racist newsletters he and his organization distributed in the past (80’s and 90’s), so much so, that when he got asked a legitimate question about them by CNN’s Political Analyst Gloria Borger… HE BOLTED!

Come on Dr. Paul….that response was weak!  What would you do if she asked you about your various connections with White Nationalist/Supremacy groups hmmm?

Ya know politicians gotta hate the internet and YouTube, because what you say and do lives forever in cyberspace, and is at the fingertips of anyone searching for information. (For some reason the video is a little slow loading on Chrome and Firefox browsers, please be patient, the link is not broken.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Donald Trump:The Most Childish Man in America – The Donald responds to Paul and Huntsmann


Donald Trump has been chosen to host a GOP debate on December 27th in Iowa. But John Huntsmann and Ron Paul both declined the invite, so while on the TODAY Show, Trump didn’t waste much time bashing Huntsmann and Paul and said Paul was a joke. But a recent Des Moines Register poll shows Ron Paul is in second place with 18%, and is actually in front of Mitt Romney who has 16% support of Iowa caucus-goers.