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Ron Paul throws a tantrum and leaves in the middle of a CNN Interview – The Racist Newsletters of his past come back to bite him.


Well, you gotta hand it to CNN.  I think that network has had more people walking out of their interviews than any other news organization (just my opinion of course). The latest victim, was Ron Paul.  Who knew he could even get angry?

Dr. Paul got a little testy when he got reminded of those racist newsletters he and his organization distributed in the past (80’s and 90’s), so much so, that when he got asked a legitimate question about them by CNN’s Political Analyst Gloria Borger… HE BOLTED!

Come on Dr. Paul….that response was weak!  What would you do if she asked you about your various connections with White Nationalist/Supremacy groups hmmm?

Ya know politicians gotta hate the internet and YouTube, because what you say and do lives forever in cyberspace, and is at the fingertips of anyone searching for information. (For some reason the video is a little slow loading on Chrome and Firefox browsers, please be patient, the link is not broken.)

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