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The “Newt”-tron Bomb! – Marianne Gingrich, The Full Interview (video)


It’s happening again…….. Yet another GOP Presidential Candidate scandal.  Familiar names, familiar allegations, and timing is everything. Newt Gingrich‘s 2nd wife, Marianne Gingrich, drops bombshells left and right in this candid interview with ABC NewsNightline“.  Newt is surging in the polls, hey, pond scum always rises to the top…lol  Granted , Newt Gingrich is the “Teflon Don” of politics. A smart, savvy politician, who’s arrogance and ability seem to balance each other out at times…..just saying.  But in this case, he has underestimated the American public.  We don’t all have amnesia.  We Don’t all forgive, and fewer still ever forget.

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