Papantonio: GOP Hate Knows No Bounds


After a year of belittling women, African Americans, unions, the elderly, college students, and the poor, it would seem almost impossible for the Republicans to sink any lower. But just two weeks ago, they managed to hit a low that left a lot of card-carrying Republicans with a bad taste in their mouths, when Republican members of Congress actually voted against an international treaty that would have recognized the rights of disabled people. Mike Papantonio talks about the GOP‘s descent to the bottom with Nancy Cohen, author of the book “Delirium.”

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Richard O. Emanuel Jr., is an Information Technology Professional, Avid Blogger, and Veteran of The United States Air Force,. Mr. Emanuel is the Founder of “Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!”a moderate political association, a member and former Secretary of The Association of Information Technology Professionals (Howard College), Fort Worth Campaign Strategy Examiner for, and the author of the upcoming publication “From Incarceration to Graduation”. He also authors and maintains 3 Blogs (Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!{Politics}, The Diary of a Lost Soul{General Topics}, and The 1000 Yr Old Man{Technology}) He lives and works in the West Texas Area. The Author may be contacted at: On Twitter @TooDamnEZ or @RAfTLF

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