Holy SuperPac Batman! Stephen Colbert gives control of ColbertSuperPAC to Jon Stewart(w/video)


Stephen Colbert has handed control of his Super PAC to fellow comedian Jon Stewart and changed its name from Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow to The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC.

A Super PAC can raised and spend unlimited funds on campaigns as long as it does not coordinate their activities with a candidate. In practice this allows presidential candidates to distance themselves from attacks on their political opponents.

Trying to bring attention to the controversial issue of super PACs, Colbert’s PAC has so far launched a number of attack ads poking fun at Republican candidates, with a few targeting Rick Perry.

Its latest effort is a hit on Republican front runner Mitt Romney, calling him a “serial killer.” Mitt Romney has stated that corporations are people and is accused by opponents of breaking apart companies and cutting jobs, hence the labeling of Romney as a “serial killer.”

“I have no control over that ad,” Colbert told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview on Sunday. “I am not calling anybody a serial killer. I can’t tell Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow what to do.” Colbert blamed Jon Stewart, calling him a “loose cannon.”

In giving up control of his PAC, Colbert also announced he will run for the position of “President of South Carolina.”

Is he serious or is the whole thing just a ruse to improve his ratings?


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