Iowa Republican Voter says Republicans will vote for Obama or a 3rd party, if Romney or Gingrich is on the ticket


“If Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney are on the (Republican) ticket, I think we deserve four more years of Barack Obama,” Waterloo, Iowa, resident Paul Smith told The UpTake during Caucus night. Smith, who says he’s been a conservative ever since voting for Jimmy Carter in 1976, supported Rick Santorum on Tuesday night. He takes offense to wealthy elitists like Romney coming into Iowa and donning blue jeans and a flannel shirt to pretend he’s a farmer. “He’s not me, he’ll never be me, he doesn’t want to be me,” said Smith. “I don’t want to be him, and I’m tired of him.” If Mitt Romney ultimately wins the Republican nomination, as the former Massachusetts governor is expected to, Smith will consider voting to re-elect Obama, or he’ll vote for a third-party candidate. “You’ve got to be a registered voter to make a contribution and if you’re not a registered voter, get out!” added Smith, who wants to see corporate money out of political elections. “Corporations need to get back to their jobs of doing business and quit buying elections. We all know that if I make million dollar contribution to your campaign, I do so because I expect something in return.” “That’s the part of politics that really has to change.”


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