New York City is about to toss out Corporate Personhood


Corporations spent millions of dollars influencing the Iowa caucuses – but how could this possibly be good for American politics? The New York City Council approved a resolution today calling on Congress to amend the Constitutions to strip out corporate personhood. New York City is now the biggest city in the nation to approve a recolution against corporate personhood – and joins several other cities America that have done the same thing – like Los Angeles, Oakland, Albany, Missoula, and Boulder, to name a few.


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  1. Amend the Constitutions: For a lifetime we have defend our country, WITH THE AMY our INTELLIGENT and what every is needed. NOW we have to do the same, FOR THE 99%, The unavailing of pass hidden practise is good nought reason for amendment, EACH ONE OF US LIFE, is our gift, and we have the right to the same as every one else. GET US OUT OF THIS CORPORATE MESS.

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