Does Ron Paul take his orders from The John Birch Society? -Video Warns of One-World Religion, UN Dictatorship


Ron Paul is beginning  to experience his very own Herman Cain moment.  I say this, not because I am alleging Dr. Paul has had an affair, but he has committed adultery.  Adultery in thought, where as he publicly espouses one view, but the underlying truth is that he believes much differently.  Now there seems to be a deluge of information coming back to haunt Dr. Paul.  Here is just one more thing to consider,  Ron Paul in 1990 John Birch Society Documentary on the United Nations taking over the United States.

Tim Murphy at MotherJones writes……..

Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has run into trouble recently after national media refocused on decades-old racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and deeply conspiratorial articles published under Paul’s name (and at least occasionally under his signature) in late 1980s and early 1990snewsletters.

The Texas congressman, who defended the newsletters when they first became a political issue in 1996, has since disavowed their contents repeatedly. But in a 1998 John Birch Society film unearthed by Andy Kaczynski, Paul endorsed some of the more paranoid ideas outlined in the Ron Paul Survival Report—including the the idea that a United Nations dictatorship was imminent:

Complete Mother Jones article appears here


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  1. um lol u guys are funny….more the same rehashed bullshit….um we talked about this alot overr the last 15 years, so much so no one with a brain cares. now where were you when obammer was going to church with the black panthers and the black nazi party?>

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