Ron Paul throws a tantrum and leaves in the middle of a CNN Interview – The Racist Newsletters of his past come back to bite him.


Well, you gotta hand it to CNN.  I think that network has had more people walking out of their interviews than any other news organization (just my opinion of course). The latest victim, was Ron Paul.  Who knew he could even get angry?

Dr. Paul got a little testy when he got reminded of those racist newsletters he and his organization distributed in the past (80’s and 90’s), so much so, that when he got asked a legitimate question about them by CNN’s Political Analyst Gloria Borger… HE BOLTED!

Come on Dr. Paul….that response was weak!  What would you do if she asked you about your various connections with White Nationalist/Supremacy groups hmmm?

Ya know politicians gotta hate the internet and YouTube, because what you say and do lives forever in cyberspace, and is at the fingertips of anyone searching for information. (For some reason the video is a little slow loading on Chrome and Firefox browsers, please be patient, the link is not broken.)

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  1. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to claim that the attitudes expressed in your newsletter for decades aren’t yours when you never stop people from writing racist articles in the newsletter that bears your name, are close personal friends with the head of a neo-Nazi/White Supremacist organization and ask him and his followers to support your son’s political campaign, when you admit you were against the Civil Rights Act and when you have a long history of hiring racists and teach your son to do the same.

    Walks like a duck, talks like a duck….

  2. … “I think that network has had more people walking out of their interviews than any other news organization (just my opinion of course).

    Could it be because they ask the hard questions? I’ve watched CNN for more than 6 years now, and I have NEVER seen an employee of CNN conduct a nasty interview with anybody. I’ve only seen the host ask the hard questions, and the guest felt they were “put on the spot to tell the truth”….sure shows the medal these guests are made of, especially presidential candidates…and ESPECIALLY Ron Paul.

  3. Ohhhh, Gloria Borger conducted this interview? ha ha ha ha….she is totally professional, and DOES ask the hard questions. Ron Paul, you better get used to hard questions. Anybody who criticizes CNN for this is whacko.

    • I guess you also haven’t taken the time to watch the many other interviews with CNN where only the one SAME question is asked repeatedly. He’s answered it at least 5 times within the past couple days and it is frustrating not only to him, but those watching all his interviews because we are all sick of hearing the same thing over and over again. There are so many other questions to ask about him, such as his policy’s.

      This is a blatant attempt to hurt Paul’s reputation. The “news” has been doing this to people for ages and it just plain appalling. Anyone who respects reporters like this is clearly shrouded by the veil of deception –being deceived into believing that reporters like this are honest and stand-up gentleman and ladies conducting proper interviews. It’s very disgusting to see what a low our “news” stations have fallen to.

  4. Transparency is the best quality that the Internet has brought to this world. You just can’t obfuscate anything any more.

  5. “Ya know politicians gotta hate the internet and YouTube, because what you say and do lives forever in cyberspace, and is at the fingertips of anyone searching for information.”

    That’s why they’re trying so hard to outlaw the internet, free speech, and pretty much anything to do with the Constitution. Maybe if we stopped bending over for them and started standing up to them we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in? For more on that, tune into my website tomorrow morning.

  6. Pathetic excuse for an article, truly. I wish you would have taken the time to learn the background of this story about how a few interviewers from CNN have been trying their hardest to make Paul look bad. I’ve seen this question asked multiple times within the past view days by those working for CNN, which frustrates Paul, understandably, because anyone would be upset that the media is trying so desperately hard to take lame shots at you by repeatedly asking you the same question over and over and over and over again. It’s clear what his beliefs are, and it’s clear through his words that he’s not a racist. Meanwhile we have Romney who drove 12 hours with his dog strapped to the roof of his car causing the dog so much panic and fear that it defecated all over itself and the roof of the car. That’s barely been acknowledged.

    Truly biased and horrible “reporting” both on CNN’s part and your part.

    • Thank You for your response…
      The background of this story, I know very well, as my late father knew and worked with Dr. Paul in Texas where I was born and raised and still live. Dr Paul’s background is well known here, and it’s amazing to me when supporters of Ron Paul try some “Ronny Reagan” revisionist history to make Dr. Paul into something that he is not, and to “Whitewash” over his past and extremist views. It is unfortunate that this docile old man has such a past as this, because it takes away from whatever good ideas that he may have now, but his continued association with White Nationalist/Supremacy groups will continue to dog him and prevent him from being a viable candidate, even for Dog catcher! As for CNN’s Gloria Borger, I make no comment on her abilities, but as for me, I happen to know more than I ever cared to know about Dr. Paul, and probably far more than your rose colored glasses will ever let you see. Dr. Paul is a great intellect, with fascinating ideas, but sometimes a “Cracker” is still just a “Cracker”. It’s pretty ironic, that a few Neo-Nazi groups are also espousing his affiliation with other groups of this nature. I stand by what I write and say… I don’t delete, and I don’t retreat! Thank You for the opportunity to educate you today 🙂

  7. So CNN asks a legitimate question, but after a legitimate response, the retarded interviewer try’s to make an issue out of a DEAD issue. Typical liberal trying to create a controversy. Face it, Obama is on his way out. CNN is a worthless news source.

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