You’re a Mean one, Newt GinGrinch!


To understand the soul of the Republican Party – Thom Hartmann examines Newt Gingrich‘s vision for America.At a time when the middle class is disappearing, with 1-in-2 Americans living in poverty or in low-income households – at a time when wealth inequality is at levels unseen since the Great Depression – at a time when student loan debt is topping a trillion bucks – this is the vision Republican’s radical vision of rule by the rich – will be the death of the middle class in America as we know it. And that, is the death of America as we know it. And because all the Republicans pretty much agree with Newt, this is the choice we’re all going to face next November, regardless of who is the Republican nominee. A lot of us – myself included – may be disappointed with Democrats – but there’s absolutely no way we can let the 1 percent oligarchs who are banking on one of these Republican lapdogs win the White House.


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