Question of the Day! “Is Newt Gingrich a Felon? “


GOP Front-runner Newt Gingrich has enjoyed much success as of late. But his meteoric rise to the top cannot be attributed to his political savvy and popularity as much as it is a by-product of former GOP front-runners Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Mitt Romney‘s disastrous decent into the abyss.  Realistically, we all know about many of the things that have happened in the public sector regarding Newt Gingrich, His Affair, His Marriages, and even his ethics violations.  We know so much, that we should all be really concerned about the things we may not know.  Look for good old’ Newt to go the way of Herman Cain soon… which is par for the course in this 2012 GOP primary season. But if not, and he has enough of the America public bamboozled by his snappy wit, and oratory skills, it may not be the easiest thing to defeat him in the Election, especially since he has already shown that he will do literally anything to achieve his goals, illegal or not.   Liberal Viewer, a YouTube video Blog, does a great job in outlining the question ,”Is Newt Gingrich a Felon?’ Watch and Listen to his argument below, then ask yourself this same question.

(Liberal Viewer)  When Nancy Pelosi told talking Points Memo that she knows a lot about the ethics problems of Newt Gingrich from her time on the ethics committee that investigated Gingrich, Fox News reacted with so-called news reports that failed to inform viewers that Gingrich was the only House Speaker to be reprimanded, why he was reprimanded, or that Gingrich has much other scandalous baggage from the 1990s, as I show in this video.

The clips I use of Fox News contributor Byron York and Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto come from a longer segment of Fox News’ December 5, 2011, broadcast of “Your World with Neil Cavuto” (which I have not found available online).

The clips I use of Fox News contributors Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros and Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer come from a longer segment of Fox News’ December 6, 2011, broadcast of “America’ Newsroom” available online at

The image I use of the report from the House Select Committee on Ethics in the matter of Newt Gingrich comes from page 70 of the file at

The image I use of the repot on Newt Gingrich’s memo titled “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control” comes from the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting page at

The image I use of my own 1995 message board post titled “Is Newt a Felon” comes from the Google Groups page at


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