Herman Cain’s “Tiger Wood Syndrome” – The Final Nails in his self made coffin


I almost started this post with “Poor Herman Cain” , but hey he thinks the poor are poor because they don’t try hard enough.  The ironic part of this whole Herman Cain debacle is that he had the arrogance in the first place, to even run for the highest office in our country, when it really seems like he is truly a sexual predator of sorts.  Several accusations, several accusers (all White of course…lol) , hell if he played golf, it would be the Tiger Woods scandal all over again!  That’s not to say that Herman Cain didn’t amuse us over these past few months, calling us “poor Black folk” slaves of the Democratic Party, at various times during his campaign.  But the only real slave is Herman Cain…. because he is truly a slave… to his own PENIS!  It truly doesn’t matter how many great  or innovative ideas you might have, if your Penis can always supersede the thought, and take control at any given time.  It is a curse that many rich and powerful men suffer from.  they tend to view others as objects or pawns in their own game, rather than people, and in doing so, violate all the rules  that the rest of us have to follow, merely because they think they are above these social tenets.


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Richard O. Emanuel Jr., is an Information Technology Professional, Avid Blogger, and Veteran of The United States Air Force,. Mr. Emanuel is the Founder of “Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!”a moderate political association, a member and former Secretary of The Association of Information Technology Professionals (Howard College), Fort Worth Campaign Strategy Examiner for Examiner.com, and the author of the upcoming publication “From Incarceration to Graduation”. He also authors and maintains 3 Blogs (Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!{Politics}, The Diary of a Lost Soul{General Topics}, and The 1000 Yr Old Man{Technology}) He lives and works in the West Texas Area. The Author may be contacted at: RichardEmanuelJr@Gmail.com On Twitter @TooDamnEZ or @RAfTLF

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