My WTF? Moment of The Day! Netanyahu says Glenn Beck is a “Hero” to Israel


Get this, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel. He also serves also as the Chairman of the Likud Party, as a Knesset member, as the Health Minister of Israel, as the Pensioner Affairs Minister of Israel and as the Economic Strategy Minister of Israel. You would think he was a rational person, but just when you have high hopes for Bibi, he goes and says something that just has you shaking your head…  Bibi said,

I also want to congratulate Glenn Beck for winning the Miriam and Sheldon Adelson award, the Defender of Israel award. Glenn, you can be sure that if Sheldon and Miri Adelson put their name to something, it must stand for a lot. You stand for a lot. You’ve been fearless in defending Israel against the slanders that are hurled against it. You’ve done that with considerable personal cost but you’ve never backed off, you’ve never flinched, you’ve walked away. And I want to tell you how deeply we appreciate this stand of courage and integrity.


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  1. If you took the time to actually watch Beck and to research for yourself, you would find he is accurate. Bibi knows this and Jews, like myself, know this, too. You want deception, then keep listening to the mainstream media – bought and paid for by Soros (a REAL antisemitic who describes his time working with the SS under Hitler to gather the belongings left by Jews sent to the camps – as the happiest time in his life). Read some of Soros’ writings for what he really stands for. If you think a NWO will be good to Jews and Israel, I have a bridge to sell you. Don’t look ignorant. If you question something Glenn said, feel free to ask me for the video proof. When someone listed alleged lies listed by Politico, Politifact and Snopes ascribed to Beck on my FB wall, I posted the actual videos and actual publication information (re Holdren) in rebuttal. His response..that *I* faked the videos. These are available on YouTube, and where they are not, I have archived them because more gets scrubbed every day. I have enough to rebut almost everything they claim are lies by Beck. Btw, everything Soros just said in interviews recently, were stated almost word for word from comments made by Beck going back almost 2 years. Word for word. Did Soros plagiarize? I bet he watches..laughing because of fools like you..who swallow what you’re fed by the bought and paid for media. I’ve done MY homework, you should do yours before you post more ignorant commentary. Shame on you.

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