Rahm Emanuel on Deficit: Obama Offered a Plan, Republicans Offered an Ideology


Rahm Emanuel on Deficit: Obama Offered a Plan, Republicans Offered an Ideology.


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    Mitt Romney declares in general terms that Obama has No jobs plan for America ?   Was Mitt sleeping when they went to vote on Obama’s “American Jobs Act,” somebody needs to wake him up !!! 

    At the debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tuesday October 18, 2011….. Mitt Romney says basically that President Obama has No Jobs Plan for America !!!  What ?…… No Jobs Plan for America ?  It’s only called The American Jobs Act !!!  Mitt, President Obama doesn’t have a plan because GOP candidates like you won’t accept it and the GOP Congress won’t approve It !!!  Mitt Romney states exactly, “Americans are hurting across this Country and the President is out there Campaigning, why isn’t he Governing, he does not understand, he doesn’t have a Jobs Plan, even Now !!!”  Shortly after the air ensues with applause, per a Republican held crowd.  As to any GOP Lover, if it sounds seemingly great then applause is necessary in attempts to make others to be potential believers.  I’m not even sure if the “even Now” ending portion of his statement was to fix and correct his own error in making that statement ?  It’s easy to do in being a seasoned Flip-Flopper after many of these Presidential debates now, I feel.  Well I listened carefully and this is what I desire to mention.

    Isn’t Obama campaigning now to promote his Jobs Act ?  Yes…… Mitt Romney should know better as this is what President Obama’s stint Tour is currently concerning.  President Obama he’s a Rocker per his Tour, he’s cool with the people, most of the public loves his unwavering pursuits to get any portions of his Jobs Bill passed considering all the road blocks that it will likely go thru, up ahead, the people who Love him know he is a down to earth intelligent (well Educated) patient guy with a bit of mojo class to go along with it all, as well and more then anything they really can’t knock this Good hearted family man off his steady perch.  He’s American as can be and he was born in a U.S. state that became a state sometime before his birth.  It may seem a little fishy as Hawaii is off the coast away from being part of the continental U.S., but don’t let that bother you as it is still a State.  Doesn’t matter as he was born on U.S. soil, and per Law, by at least one U.S. born parent and via all the supreme Court hearings over the years on these types of matters, Obama is so American it was never contested until the time he afterwards became President.  He prior to yesterday and currently today, has always had an American passport and he rides on Air-Force One with this American passport.  How could he have gotten away with it, not being an American and being able to ride on Air-Force One for so Long ?  This Harvard graduate he’s Not only brilliant he’s mass Quantum in Intelligence and his outlandish unthinkable schemes are unfathomable !!!  Well yes, we know Obama is very Intelligent but maybe instead those others are just far from having an Intelligent grasp on things and they just don’t conceptualize well ?  You Decide !!!  Don’t you believe or state that these people don’t exist, as I have personally have come across at least 2 person(s) in my lifetime that were so profound to resolve these types of mysteries in regards to President Obama.

    Obama is so American he plays a good bit of basketball (An American created sport) as well he plays a bit of golf, like many other Americans.  His family left the U.S. for a while for another country and so what….. As many American servicemen and servicewomen in our Military have had their families overseas with them for a certain brief time(s), per Tour(s).  Many went to other nations working for private companies in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and elsewhere as they do currently and as well, as they have in the past.  It’s quite normal and it is an ongoing world occurrence.  Obama is actually cosmetically and racially 1/2 Black & 1/2 White, this should be well Noted again for November 2012, as some have seemed to have forgotten this since November of 2008.  For those that never accepted such re-read this paragraph 2x, as the 2nd time it may actually shock you and give you a wake-up call.  President Obama culturally in many regards was raised by his white Grandparents afterwards for the majority of his youthful age.  So culturally he’s quite white, but lets just say Obama is diverse and he connects well to many types of people.  I think this is a very good thing and for some reason there was a mocking on President Obama on his diversity.  I really don’t understand as this country is very diverse more so now then even in prior years.  Maybe those who mocked will lose all respect per votes.  We don’t know at this point ?  I find it amazing to hear some of the things I hear from the GOP party members, when they discuss being Black, like President Obama, and not being a genuine citizen and him being culturally different from the rest of us, or they discuss the Latinos of this country in the manners that they do upon them, or the Arabic community as well, etc., etc.

    We all know President Obama is truly seeking Re-Election in November of 2012.  Well isn’t this the same thing that GOP candidates like Romney are doing themselves ?  The difference is that President Obama is Governing the Country, he’s Commander-In-Chief (I seemingly think he’s doing an excellent Job with this particular), yes he’s Campaigning for his Re-Election to make sure an undesirable GOP candidate doesn’t assume office (That’s also his Job !!!  As it is for any Congressman or Congresswoman who wants to re-retain their Job, so sounds reasonable to me……. but I guess Not to Mitt), and as well he is promoting via his campaign Tour for The American Jobs Act.  Maybe Mitt, you should say President Obama handles multitasking very well, instead.  President Obama shouldn’t be compared to the Almighty or to other great persons in history at this time.  I think for November of 2012 at this point President Obama should be contrasted only against his Political opponents.  So look at the GOP field very carefully, hey look at any Independents who may get into the Presidential race and make a good reasonable judgement call decision.

    President Obama put out his Jobs Act Bill prior to the GOP putting out their Jobs Bill.  I guess the Republicans of the 112th Congress never would have placed-out their own Jobs Bill Act unless President Obama hadn’t put one out First.  According to the time since the GOP has taken control of the 112th House these have been their concerns, generally so:

    Concerns on Passing:
    [ The 112th Congress, per the ( CRS ) ]
    [ The ( CRS ) = Congressional Research Service ]
    The 112th Congress is occupied trying to pass a slew of Bills based on concerns of Moral Laws, Social Laws and Laws based on items that the GOP highly values, themselves.

    Credit:  Daily KOS,  Story Friday October 21, 2011
    Story:   Republican’s score on job creation is…zero!
    By Myles Spicer
    Credit:  Congressional Research Service ( CRS ) 

    Over  95 + (plus) Bills that are concerning Religion.
    –>  Hey Folks, We still have the 1st Amendment, Right !!!

    Over  40 + (plus) Bills that are concerning Anti-Abortion measures.
    –>  Hey what about this Folks, as well, we still have the 14th Amendment, Right to Privacy Clause !!!  These are minute attempts to wrongfully so, later attack the 14th Amendment, but folks the 14th Amendment of the Constitution is still Law and it overrides any of these other Laws that the GOP is pushing currently !!!  Hey Folks also don’t forget the Republicans created and pushed for this 14th Amendment as well.  It was then when the House & the Senate were controlled by the old Republican party.  It’s a long time ago, but folks these are their Bills which were later Amended as the 14th Amendment !!!  How Ironic !!!

    *** Just to Note the 14th Amendment has multiple Sections to It.

    Over  70 + (plus) Bills that are concerning Family values.  Hey Mitt is this good Governing by the GOP ?  Isn’t it wrong telling people how they should live their lives ?  

    Over 35 + (plus) Bills that are concerning with Marriage or defining Marriage.  Hey GOP, isn’t this a bit too much in regards to the Federal Government having too much control or say in regards to interference into people’s rights.  Maybe the rest of the GOP should listen a bit more to some of the things that Libertarian GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul has to say ?  Not that I agree with most of what Ron Paul has to mention, but when Ron Paul is right on certain things, I will give him credit as I would with anyone else.  Hey GOP’ers what about the States ?  Isn’t Marriage and defining what a Marriage is supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the States and not the Federal Government ?  Again, shouldn’t these kinds of Issues be placed in the hands of the States ?  I hear many GOP candidates and Lawmakers mention multiple times what Issues should only be dealt with per the hands of the States !!! 

    Over 65 + (plus) Bills that are concerning Firearms/Guns.  How we know them GOP’ers Love them Guns of theirs and being tied to the NRA who cries-out foul on gun control, so within days afterwards you hear their fund raising telethons crying wolf against those trying to stop all us gun lovers, per maybe certain rightful gun controls ???  Sometimes you know there is no gun control concerns going on in selected areas of the country, but gun control concerns via all the States we have in this Country and via all the Cities within this County is an ongoing issue.  So lets be real people, regardless the NRA is going to cry wolf for their telethon fund raisers.  Hey it’s not the same type of setting in Urban cities as it is in the less Urban sections of the Country.  Nice method to get people to donate money immediately isn’t it ?  Boy American’s can be such fools, sorry to say but it is so true.  I am a loyal and concerned American.   People Realize it….. Wake Up to all the Non-Sense !!!  If I wasn’t a concerned American you wouldn’t see all this writing you read here.  Make a cry rally that there is a need for something to be done, therefore take actions to request for a battle against the concern that you made the cry rally over, and lastly make people believe.  Hey people it’s your $$$ money $$$.  Just like President GWB’s War in Iraq.  People look up on your computer “Curveball Iraq War” from multiple sources.  You will see how the NRA comparison has synonyms association to that of GWB’s Iraq War and the analogy just made.  

    The only difference with contrast per the NRA and the stamp of approval on the 2nd Iraq War is that with the NRA, you later can get to decide on the amounts to be given.  The 2nd Iraq War, the coffers were opened up after the approval was given to GWB’s administration, as they spent $$$ indiscriminately as the administration felt fit in spending with Congress.  The Libyan War that commenced under Obama came at costs that was fractional to that of the 2nd Iraq War.  The 2nd Iraq war commenced by the GWB administration not only was it costly financially, but it was very costly in the amount of lives lost.  We lost more lives in the 2nd Iraq War then what we lost on 9/11/2001.  In the Libyan War, No American Lives were Lost.  

    Again, prior……. No GOP Job creation Bill.  Now they put one out for Display.  Wow…….. How concerned they are in getting America to be productive again ?  I think, Not !!!  Getting Americans to be productive again is helpful item to making sure that there are less increases to the U.S.’s ongoing Deficits !!!  This should Not be dismissed in the overall picture concerning the Economy and Budgets.  Maybe one time in the future after a good Economic recovery, the U.S. should seeks a Balanced Budget Act.  First the economy needs to recover before passing any type of Balanced Budget Bill or Amendment. 

    I personally believe we should support President Obama’s Job Act.  Hey GOP’ers getting Americans working again, gets the Economy rolling, maybe you should listen to President Barack Obama who has been thinking about this plan carefully and logically for a good bit of time now.  If the President had a plan on Jobs back in 2009 or 2010 the GOP would have likely said that in no terms possible could Barack Obama’s plan have the resolve of being feasible.  I believe likely they would back then have attacked it on the merits of it being proposed in such a quick fashion.  Yeah, when you hear people mention the old phrase of that was drafted practically last night on the back of a bar napkin.  Regardless, they would be rejecting it anyhow as they are Now.  As it is the only option to be critical of President Barack Obama, as per the current rituals of the Republicans upon this man and it is done to a degree, the max allowable.  All at the expense of hurting many Americans for the attempted desire to see one President out of a job in November of 2012.  How foolish as very likely President Obama will come thru this unrooted.  All at the cost of the GOP’s simultaneous attempts scathing the American Economy and the people who would be re-employed under that Economy, stimulating It again, otherwise.  How Wrong, How Sad !!!

       The vast majority of Independent Economist tend to agree with President Obama’s plan in comparison to the plan now being proposed by Republican members of Congress.  So in actuality on the Jobs Act bills being proposed it doesn’t seem like they have a leg to stand on, in actuality, in regards to which one is right for the public.  They should listen to the experts and do what is right for the Country !!!  Maybe Americans should Implore GOP Congress members to support, The American Jobs Act of President Obama or maybe they should consider the other choice of heavily voting Democrat through-out this country in November of 2012.           

    Getting Americans back to work has a double whammy effect of getting America’s Infrastructure back on the road to contend with all the other competing Nations that we mention we are so worried about losing ground to or matching.  As well it makes the American worker productive and feeling good.  Then in turn it gets Americans feeling optimistic and they as well, go out and spend.  True stimulation for the Economy by having money flowing again.  This is what really turns an Economy in the direction of upward mobility.  

    Lets not forget back in the day when President Franklin D. Roosevelt put workers (hired at lower costs since the economy was in the doldrums) back to employment during the Depression, as they made the bold move to build the Hoover Dam.  It was smart !!!  There was leadership in making such a bold move, it was innovative, and greatest of all it was productive with great outcomes afterwards that resulted from undertaking such a project.  At one point the Hoover Dam supplied a good percentage (%) portion of the entire Western U.S.’s total output of electricity.  The Western U.S. would likely never have been what it was today without the bold move of the attempts to build and finish construction on the project of the Hoover Dam.

    So Government could be quite good and necessary.  As No project of this magnitude such as the Hoover Dam could of ever been built by an American company at the time.  As they would desire to Not take on such a risk.  They wouldn’t have the resources via capital, etc.  No companies would have desired to grapple with this project called the Hoover Dam, as they didn’t.  But of course as history is revealed to us that the Administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt stepped up to the plate to tackle this project.  Maybe the public should realize more that The American Jobs Act of President Obama is one portion to the equivalent of Obama’s own, “New Deal.”  


    Look Here, Below:

    As per Reuters on October 24, 2011:  “President Barack Obama this week will announce a series of actions to help the economy that will not require congressional approval, including an initiative to make it easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages, according to a White House official.
    The actions come as Obama is facing resistance from Republicans to a $447 billion jobs package he has urged Congress to pass.
    The first of the initiatives will be unveiled during Obama’s three-day trip to western states beginning Monday.
    He will discuss the changes in mortgage rules at a stop in Nevada, which has one of the hardest-hit housing markets in the country.
    The Obama administration has been working with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to find ways to make it easier for borrowers to switch to cheaper loans even if they have little to no equity in their homes.
    The FHFA intends to loosen the terms of the two-year-old Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), which helps borrowers who have been making mortgage payments on time but who have not been able to refinance as their home values have dropped.
    The Wall Street Journal reported that the changes should boost refinancing because they will let banks avoid the risk of any “buy-back” on a HARP mortgage as long as borrowers have made their last six mortgage payments and they prove that they have a job or another source of passive income.” 

    Obama in addition to these reforms on housing, as well this week….. Obama plans to announce plans concerning reforms on Student Loans.


    For good Historical Knowledge:  The defining of The New Deal as per wikipedia,  “The New Deal was a series of economic programs implemented in the United States between 1933 and 1936. ….. The programs were responses to the Great Depression, and focused on what historians call the “3 Rs”: Relief, Recovery, and Reform. That is, Relief for the unemployed and poor; Recovery of the economy to normal levels; and Reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression.

    Yes, Folks let us not forget the Act of Glass – Steagall of 1933 !!!


    Yes again, we had the Hoover Dam which was a great success story.  Same as was in the case of the building of the Panama canal and we didn’t say No to the Government getting involved in concern with it’s completion.  Did we call it Socialism when we built the Panama canal and the Hoover Dam ?  No we called it the rightful need for the Country !!!  

    We have accepted this notion of capitalism and do retain it via (Private sector Industries and it’s particular linked personnel to therefore accomplish something productive) and socialistic democracy we have as well accepted this notion of(Government done projects and it’s particular linked personnel to therefore accomplish something productive), If you desire to refer to it in that manner, as well, giving it actual due respect and not this inappropriate disdainful verbal metaphor to it’s usage.  I see the GOP membership do this all the time, as in actuality Intelligent people know it is in accordance to a political agenda, in wrongfully giving contempt mentioning to this word called socialism, or to others it is out of naivete.  It is a total Inaccuracy as there is a difference to socialistic democracy where the United States and most European and worldly countries, bear.  We are a Quasi- (Capitalistic and Democratic Socialistic) society and it works best.  The GOP desires to pin/tag this word of “Socialist” wrongfully so on the Democratic party.  Per Government as it states in the U.S. Constitution our Government format is truly only defined as being a Republican form of Government.  This is True as the U.S. is a Republic.  So we are not at all Socialist/Communist in the sense of the days of definition by Lennon/Marxists beliefs, who desired to rid all forms of capitalistic, self ownership.  Neither of both parties (Democrats & Republicans) seek to rid capitalism within the U.S.  The Socialism, Socialism, Socialism outcry is a wrongful misused outburst used by the GOP either out of desire for a particular agenda or out of true ignorance.  

    Mentioning such like that above, I believe this should be heavily expressed these days.  The wool was pulled over the eyes of the American public in concerns with Reaganomics/Trickle Down during the years of Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush Sr., and the recent George W. Bush, Jr.  Ronald Reagan (% wise) drove up the National Deficits greater then George W. Bush, Jr., inclusive of having the Afghanistan/Pakistan and the 2nd War in Iraq.  He lowered the Tax rates dramatically while driving up spending and he (Reagan) increased the size of the Navy substantially, plus all other military branches as well, and many other parts of the budget were enormously increased under the Administration of Ronald Reagan.  I don’t make any excuses for the spending(s) during the years of George W. Bush, Jr.  So does anyone really still desire to call Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush Sr., and George W. Bush Jr., true Fiscal Conservatives or a Fiscal hawks ?  I personally think it’s only a (name/names) of convenience !!! 

    Hey let me refer back to a particular, in asking the question would you or anyone call having a Military a socialist thing ?  Are we therefore such a horrific socialist like Nation ?  The military personnel will never be contracted out.  Again. we are a Quasi- (Capitalistic and Democratic Socialistic) society and it works best.  Pure capitalism can never work and nor can pure communistic/socialistic governments.  I think China and many other countries like Cuba realize of this now.  Fidel Castro a few years back himself had boldly and clearly mentioned this very particular matter.

    As well, besides the Hoover Dam you have the very successful TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) project, also boldly commenced by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression.  We,…… Nor can any of the GOP members in Congress truly now be able to discount the success story of the TVA and the Hoover Dam.  Projects like these and other attempts to get Americans back to work took America from the high estimated unemployment rates of nearly 25%(est.) in 1933 to a quick drop in 4 years, in 1937 down to 14.3%(est.) unemployment rate in the U.S.  Bold Democrats like FDR…… Well it seemed like he had the right Idea and in actuality he did !!!  FDR commenced his New Deal in 1933 and in 4 years the unemployment figures dramatically dropped.  It so funny and so Ironic as Obama is attempting the same as FDR, boldly so, but the only thing many Americans see is this GOP roadblock.

    I think most of all American’s should look at the Democrats manner to reform the Economy.  I think we can stow away in a good garbage compactor that old Republican theory that they gave us called Trickle Down Economics.

    ( See Video Item, concerning Mitt Romney, as Discussed ):

    [  Go to Start at 10:35, 10minutes 35seconds ]
    [          End it at 12:00, 12minutes 00seconds ]

    Also as well the Debate Moderator, Anderson Cooper of CNN, as originally Anderson Cooper discusses other Mitt Romney Flip-Flops.  You will see it where Romney avoids the question on the Wall-Street Protest movement and his feelings on those requesting change to our Government.  He alters the subject like many other GOP candidates, as many of them don’t desire to discuss the questions or issues posed to them by the moderator, but instead as in this case Romney tries to sprout a conversation for a jugular attack on the Economy directed steadfast, particularly attaching it to the years under President Obama.  Romney introduces quite a diversion to the question posed by the moderator.

    I See Romney these days as a seasoned Flip-Flopper as opposed to when he ran for President the First time he was a 3rd rate Flip-Flopper.  The only difference as I see It.  Non the less Romney is still a Flip-Flopper !!!

    Again as was to note above in the paragraph and in the video, per Mitt Romney, he states exactly, “Americans are hurting across this Country and the President is out there Campaigning, why isn’t he Governing, he does not understand, he doesn’t have a Jobs Plan, even Now !!!”

    Let me do some additional satire here as Obama’s only been boldly talking about his Jobs Plan for about the past 2 months and touring to promote his plan.  It’s been in the journal presses, as well it’s been all over the TV-News channels.  Where’s Romney been for the past few Months ?  Is this just outlandish reality TV instead ?  Like that grouping of Jersey characters ?

    GOP Non-Sense and the things that they say on stage.  Say goodbye to the 2 Front running GOP candidates, Romney & Herman Cain as it looks like they are blowing their chances when they go against Obama in the National Election.  All the Republicans in the debate in Vegas hammered Herman Cain’s 999 Plan, on that night.  They are all mostly tearing the GOP apart in general, even as they continue to mention the word “Obamacare,” regularly.  Every GOP candidate has been heavily hammered at one point or another during their ongoing debates, Eight of them so far.  Yes at one of the other GOP debates Perry was heavily attacked and as well at another Romney was chewed-up, well.  Guess they believe it is so great to have so many debates as Obama is debating no other democratic candidate(s).  Obama is currently debating the GOP now in promoting his Jobs plan.  I only think this whole scenario benefits Obama and not the GOP candidate, who will be going against Obama down the road.
    The best one is Ron Paul who seems to be coming down with Alzheimer’s as he clearly is breaking the Republican’s 11th commandment.  Ron Paul is actually talking heavily about the wrongs that Republican & Democratic party has done over the past years, politically.  At the Republican debates in Las Vegas,  Ron Paul went after the Golden Calf of Republicans, Ronald Reagan by brining up Reagan and the Iran-Contra situation.  Wow !!!  Tear the GOP party Down and they are the ones doing It.  Not the so called overly extensive and powerful Liberal media within this Country that GOP media desires to mention, routinely.  Got to Love how stupid most of these GOP candidates Act on Stage.  They are like a bunch of political clowns as many cartoons have noted prior.  Huntsmen seems to be having Financial Issues with his campaign, per the presses.  He wasn’t at the debate that Night in Las Vegas, but the press hasn’t mentioned that he dropped out of the race, yet.  Recently Bachmann’s leadership members of her campaign team in New Hampshire walked out on her.  Per press coverage later, Bachmann was giving an account that contrasted drastically from original accounts on the situation reported. 

    One thing to note in concerns with The Americans Job Act.  Most all the money is set-out to hire private contractors, as they are poised best in their industry to do specific jobs at the rightful fiscal cost.  Hey the opposite reigned true in connection with the Wars overseas where George W. Bush, Jr. and Vice-President Cheney were optimistic of the private contractors being fiscally better priced then general government personnel/and/military service personnel.  We later discovered the aftermath of the private contractors in doing equivalent tasks/jobs in being 3x plus the cost.  Big screw-up from the Republican Administration of President George W. Bush, Jr.  Again……. Seems like only a Fiscal Conservative to me in Name, only.  I personally believe after these fact finding studies from the Wars overseas since 2001 that the President (President Obama) as per his proposed Jobs Act via consultation from their experts will optimize and scrutinize best while undergoing their course of Action in outweighing routinely, government workers for particular jobs and matters vs. private Industries especially in connection to roads, etc. being fixed-up  (County or Town workers, etc. vs. Private) being involved and working on particular matters.  All hence if the GOP Congress gives some passage to portions of the President’s Jobs Act bill.

    Again, under The American Jobs act there are selected Government contract personnel being hired under the Bill of course,  but again the vast majority of it is private contractors.  So why would any GOP Lawmaker or candidates as well, be opposed to the Jobs Act of Obama ?  The simple answer is that it was created by the Obama Administration and their experts.  Simple reason as I see It !!!  Considering there is a combination of Government and Private contractors you will therefore keep hearing the wrongful tagged chants of Socialism, Socialism, Socialism……… All at the cost, per the attempts of trying to tear President Obama down and the Country along, as well.  Chants of Socialism, Socialism, Socialism is just the GOP brainwashing from the GOP-News channels out there across the U.S. and backed up by GOP Congresspersons and candidates who play the game with Wall Streeters looking for financial gains as they desire to privatize now everything from Social Security all the way to the entire schooling system and jails.  No wonder those like Romney were originally so opposed to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.  We all know that those on Wall Street have been donating heavily to the coffers of Mitt Romney in attempts to get him elected in November of 2012.  What in return will he promise to them, maybe a 0% Capital gains tax and a 0% Estate Tax that heavily benefits the wealthiest of Taxpayers ?  Now the numbers are so great in regards to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, truly so great now that it is a a tale of a reversal strategy and a cautionary chess game being played-out, instead by the Romney camp, per his Flip-Flop.  The same with many of the other GOP candidates running in 2012 and how they discuss the members of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in comparison of how they spoke of them originally, total Flip-Flop.

    Tearing down America by not allowing Americans to be productive to the levels of years past is basically like having the GOP tearing down this notion of capitalism, via halting and putting the brakes on financial growth and expansion.  According it seems as if the GOP is going against the core of their own beliefs, as I see It.  I really don’t think that anyone would be able to Flip-Flop and maneuver well, away from this noted discovery.  In turn the GOP party absolutely continues to hold back the reigns on the American Economy and then in turn that from making the American worker a productive member of society.  Doesn’t the GOP talk about making people of this society productive members of this country ?  Well, talk is cheap.  The American worker who once again desires to re-enter the work force, get out of his own personal doldrums, or the doldrums of being on unemployment and desires to be a cog to re-stimulate the American Economy, as the Economy should be rekindled at once.  Creating the motions to make it churn faster then the current Economic pace, retained.  As well wasn’t this one the great notions to the uprising of the Tea Party as they desire a stronger Economy.  The Tea Party falls under the umbrella of the GOP and in truth they are one in the same.  As I understand the plight of the Tea Party, one of their great causes is the desire for great expansionary growth to private industry sector where in turn they hire the ranks to get them off the rolls of unemployment or welfare for that matter ?  
    Obama is still better then the Alternative candidate(s) that the GOP is offering up to voters, as I see It.  Not just to myself, per my personal views, but as I see that voters would view It as well.  No Doubt….. Obama wins, no matter how much they say he is under 50%, in the Approval polls.  Even having this Electoral college set-up and the Republicans playing their games with the Electoral college for votes in Pennsylvania and Iowa, I believe Obama still wins because of the GOP’s obstructionist ways and voter tampering ways and basically the public outrage over these matters.

    I see Obama definitely winning now as he definitely has the Left.  I think he captures most in the center.  If it is Romney then forget about it as so many on the Right who are Christians might not vote or they do the unthinkable and vote for whom they believe is more of a Christian, Obama over Romney who many don’t accept Mormons in being True Christians.  If those people do the contrary and vote Romney over Obama then aren’t they placing Party over belief in God ?  Some would think of such as an item of Damnation.  Party over their belief in God.  How moral and honest to themselves would these people feel about themselves ?

    The growth of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement will only help Obama as long as he notes their plight, but stays distant from answering their question and getting intertwined in true involvement with their cause.  I believe they may be unhappy with him and his administration as well, but not to the severity that they had/have with the GOP and Ex-President, George W. Bush.  Let us not forget that Obama (Democrat) and George W. Bush (Republican) bailed-out the Banks and Wall Street.  After they were bailed-out the Banks and Wall Street companies thumbed their noses at paying back the Taxpayers (Washington DC) while they on the taxpayers dime they continued to pay big bonuses to their high paid corporate heads and as well they turned around matters and started to re-achieve good corporate profits after 2008/2009.  Lets also not forget how discriminatory it actually was as they bailed-out only specific banks and Wall Street firms and let other fail or how they just did not give others a sharing equivalent of these funds.  It seemed to the public to be linked via personal ties and political favoritism under both administrations.

    These are the reasons why Obama must recognize the plight of those who march now for the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement through-out the county without getting hung-up in a discussion with their leaders.  The management, discussions, and bargaining with those of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is for the handling by the Police and mayor’s like Michael Bloomberg for New York City, mayor Vincent Gray for Washington DC, etc., etc.  It’s truly incredible that within a month this freedom of speech movement has actually gone Global as it has mysteriously escaped over our own National borders.  It’s more of a World calling and not only a movement within the U.S., though of course the objectives in the U.S. I am sure varies/contrasts significantly to that of those now being held outside the U.S.

    Obama’s direct involvement with those in connection with the Occupy Wall Street movement could clearly hurt Obama politically.  A political loss for Obama seems unlikely now, but let us never say that it is Impossible.  Obama has played it smart so far, but he just can’t get caught-up in a dumb move going into November 2012.  May the best outcome Occur !!!


    To Note:  Another poll, the recent Rasmussen poll rating the 112th Congress. Those who rated Congress “good” or “excellent”: 9 percent
    Again, 9% give the 112th Congress a rating of “good” or “excellent,”  I guess they are proud of themselves ?  So can anyone Now blame those of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement from protesting and uprising so fast ?  The movement and the participants includes grandparents (or those just in retired years, above 65), middle-class Americans, past Wall Street workers, those with degrees in Business, Teaching, you have actual current Pilots involved, multiple Union members, and of course the youth, the student movement particularly themselves, etc., etc.  This is a very Main Street American Movement.
    Fact concerning 9%, Credit Below:
    Credit:  Daily KOS,  Story Friday October 21, 2011
    Story:   Republican’s score on job creation is…zero!
    By Myles Spicer

    Lastly to Note, We should all Remember that the Campaign slogan of the Barack Obama Campaign of 2008, the original slogan was YES WE CAN !, it is Not YES (HE) CAN, as in YES ONLY OBAMA CAN attempt to foster corrective action and change.  President Obama needs your Support to get after members of Congress to make sure that they VOTE for THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT in order to re-stimulate the Economy !!!  

    It’s Your Country…… Don’t you want to feel like you have ownership of it once again ?  Some do but the question is do You ?

    Barack Obama per his slogan (2008) of YES WE CAN ! means you have always been a welcomed participant to be an inclusive member, an objective instrument to foster change even if you were not previously.  Now help to foster that change, All come aboard and participate to support THE AMERICANS JOB ACT.

    Send a clear message to them in Congress, you as Taxpayers pay their salaries, they are public servants for the Nation (Representatives) and they can be voted out of office if Need be, as you may deem it Necessary.  Don’t forget that right…… They know it but more then anything remind them and make them clearly aware of It !!!
    Your Country’s Forefathers were bold people who decided to take ownership of their Lands and Country.  What is the will of the People of Today in comparison to the will of the those who desired back then for the rights for Country, for Citizenship, for Freedom/Liberty, for Opportunity, for Pursuits, for Rights, for Ownership, and greatest of all for Justice to occur !!!

    Make things Right as people should be concerned with supporting Barack Obama and his American Jobs Act.  Get on the phone and tell your Senators and Representative that you want to be heard as a Constituent, tell them you want THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT of PRESIDENT OBAMA to be Supported and Passed Immediately !!!

    Thank You for Listening.

  2. What a Picture: Young Girl holding a sign in regards to the OWS/99 Movement
    Looks like I can’t upload Pic, but I give you the Quote, Below

    I think this Says what the OWS/99‘ers are Trying to say !!!

    ( Read All Below — See More !!! )

    Quote — Sign: My Family’s Future is suffering because of the 1%’s Greed !

    Now close to 25% of American Children live in Poverty !!! Prior America was never like this. Many American children these days actually don’t eat (well/properly) on a daily basis. And I don’t mean them eating many Happy Meals Daily in getting Obese.

    Sadly enough eating too little in going hungry daily is worse then the situation of those young children who do over eat. But yes, they are both Bad and as well very Wrong !!! The situation is very similar to our Economic quandary we have in our Country. Regarding both of them we can see the wrongful disparity in regards to Economics and Health per Nutrition. It is so sad that there is no Normality as these particular factors continue to have increased existing disparity. Shameful !!!

    We are such a Self-Righteous Nation and are supposedly out to do the right thing ? If it were a sports event the public makes a “cry” for change and it normally occurs as they the fans can impact the industry to put it on it’s knees. We have the general acceptance to change the necessary rules requesting for fairness and as well seek the protection of fans, etc.

    The same thing here applies with our politicians as they soon need to realize that their power will last only so long per the current conditions, per the rules that continue to play-out. Sentiments in request of change for new parties or general desires to continually have Incumbents out of Office, may easily occur in the near future. It seems to be the point we are currently at in connection with the present political parties, per the reasons for the uprising of the OWS/99 Movement.

    There is an unfairness with the Tax code system and it has developed over the years by multiple different bills and votes per congresspersons. We the general lower 99% of Wealth owners/earners in America — Who as well do matter are requesting for a change. They the politicians are trying to say they know how to handle things to fix the disparity. They the politicians don’t understand the frustrations as they generally desire to waive off the increased sentiments of the public. Congress with this current system of lobbyist buying off politicians is the grounds for this disparity and general wrongfulness.

    Foolish people who feel that this movement started just shortly before September 17, 2011 and basically only on the streets of these cities are the ones misunderstanding reality. They are actually incompetent of the situation or they are those set-out to dupe the public in keeping things to the status quo. The requests for change have commenced by many Grass-Root movements all over the Country in many civilized manners, outside of the OWS/99 demonstrations that commenced September 17, 2011. It is amazing that this movement has actually gone Global, over all the International frustrations with Politics and Economics. So lets not forget that the OWS/99‘ers are not Anti-American(s) or just global wrongdoing hooligans, as they are trying to be portrayed by American politicians, nationally and locally via Mayors, etc., etc.

    These movements to request change has started and continues to exist in the discussions of immediate family homes, as well via additional family member(s) chats, by local events by individuals venting, by broader event examinations, and as well over the Internet.  We have accepted the fostering for change in Countries recently like Egypt, but when it comes to within our own borders — Politicians in connection with authority proves to display that we may actually be one of the least democratic like nations to actually exist world-wide.  Lowering your cap and a full salute to a flag at a sports event does not define the mark of democracy.  It is only a sworn loyalty to a “Republic” no matter how right or wrong that “Republic” may be.  

    We have Americans who have been trying to freely express their dissatisfaction with the current political and economic situation that is ongoing, but have been blocked to express freely.  A right for individuals that was not supposed to be infringed upon.  Not only a right for Individuals, but it was listed as the 1st right for Individuals and this should signify it’s importance.  Are we out to revise the Bill of Rights ?  How about the 2nd Amendment to go under Attack now ?  What about the other 8 which constitute the Bill of Rights ?  Are we truly out to redesign, fully the basics of our “Republic” ?  We had done such once prior.

    I feel more so that the Politicians are out to revise the basic rights of the “Republic” ratified in 1788, more then the OWS/99‘ers who are only out to alter the wrongs that are going on within the Republic.  We need to wake-up to which group has done more harm to this nation — The Protestors or the Politicians ?

    Most of the ongoing disputes regarding the Economy has brought the Children right into the fray for the fact it concerns them more then the adults.  Not only just their diets but let us as well not forget their Education and their Medical/Dental Health as well.  In regards to the Children this demonstrative cause is being waged as the children’s future is on the line and therefore America’s well being is truly at stake.  
    We must question why does our Country continue to go down this wrongful path and what are we the public going to do in getting involved since the past and the current politicians have done such a disastrous job in handling it so poorly for us All to Date !!!

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